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What are the kinds of buyers coming to the B2B Summit?

Broadcasters, producers, distributors, investors from across the globe.

What do they want to see?

Good IPs with a global essence.

What is the minimum preparation I should have to pitch my idea?

An idea presented in an innovative format. Can be through ppts or through Audio Visuals.

How do I apply to be a pitcher? What if I have more than one pitch?

You can register online at

Each participant will be allowed only one registration per company. Each company can be represented by only 1 person.

How will my application be evaluated?

There will be no evaluation by the GAFX Committee.

What do I have to do after applying/registering?

TWait for the scheduler to open and book your slots with the buyers. Prepare a proper pitch deck with a teaser/trailer if possible.

Who do I address my queries to, if I have any requirements for my pitch?

You can write to Your queries will be addressed.

When will I receive the dates/schedule for my pitch?

Scheduling will open a few days before the “Bengaluru GAFX 2024” event.

Will I get an opportunity to engage in a one-on-one with a buyer beyond the time scheduled of 15mins?

No. Only official discussions are allowed during the B2B event. However, you may have an opportunity to engage with the buyer during other Bengaluru GAFX 2024 events.

Is there anything happening besides the pitches at GAFX?

Yes. Conferences, Master Classes, Screenings, Networking, Exhibitions and Competitions are happening as a part of Bengaluru GAFX 2024.

Are there any fees I have to pay to ABAI for participation?

No, but you are free to register to ABAI if you are interested.

How does my pitch stay confidential?

All efforts will be taken to keep it confidential.

Can a studio / individual attend the B2B event even if they are not pitching?

No they cannot. It’s a closed door event.

Can they register without specifying the pitch and make presentations on the spot?

No. Pitches have to be specified.

Will I be able to attend the Bengaluru GAFX 2024 conference on other days when I am not participating in the B2B Forum?

Yes, you will have access to the conferences being conducted at the Bengaluru GAFX 2024 event.

Is lunch provided as a part of the registration fee for all 3 days?

Yes, all B2B participants will be provided with buffet lunch coupons for all three days.

Does buying a seller pass allow access to the GAFX Conference happening from 29th to 31st January 2024?

Yes, all B2B sellers will have access to the GAFX Conference. No extra registration required.

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