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Jesh Krishna Murthy

Jesh Krishna Murthy

Founder and CEO of Anibrain


Jesh Krishna Murthy, Founder and CEO of Anibrain is a veteran of the VFX and Animation industry. Jesh studied Digital Animation at the Bell Center in Toronto, Canada. He worked extensively in leading facilities in North America and Europe before returning to India in 2005 to set up Anibrain.

Over the last 12 years, he has lead Anibrain to become one of India’s leading VFX, Animation and AR VR creative studios employing nearly 800 resources working over 200 Hollywood projects and a client base extending across multiple nations and continents.

Jesh also founded the School of Media design which has helped nurture talent for the Indian VFX industry over the last eight years and, India’s leading children’s website.

Putting India on the map has been a passion for Jesh and he is excited to continue to push the envelope in an industry where he can combine art and technology.