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Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar

Head of Animation – 88 Pictures


“Manish Kumar, Head of Animation at 88 Pictures is responsible for getting the best animation out from 88 Pictures and develop a world class team of some of the finest animator’s industry has ever seen. It is his unwavering endeavor to keep pushing the quality envelop for the animators by developing their innate acting skills, body mechanics, performance and nuances of finest animation performance!!!!

Manish has been trained under some of the finest animation directors in Hollywood. He has spent more than 15 years in the industry, majority of the time has been with DreamWorks India unit from its inception having worked on almost all the successful franchise of DreamWorks like Shrek, Madagascar, Dragons, KFP, etc. Prior to DreamWorks, Manish has worked on several TV shows, DVD features and commercials.

At 88 Pictures, Manish started the animation team with a handful of animators, relentlessly training them to be attune to the quality benchmark and in turn pushing the entire team to produce some if the finest animation that is coming out of the studio and the industry.

When Manish is not anim directing the animators, he is busy thinking and finding ways how to get better himself and direct the animators better.”