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In conjunction with GAFX 2018 on 18 May 2018 in Bangalore, we’re having a Unity Developer Day conference. A series dedicated to supporting local developers through the exchange of stories and skills that promote the creation of successful Unity games and interactive media.

Featuring speakers for the Unity Developer Day

Madhur Gupta
Field Engineer,Unity Technologies

Madhur is a passionate gamer who has over 7 years in the industry as a game developer and loves to face challenges and work to make build better and fun games. He has worked on consoles, PC,Mac,Mobile, VR/AR. He has worked with likes of Disney, Hungama GameShastra, making mobile games which were reached to millions of players around the world. Currently he is working as a Field Engineer in India, and wants Indian game developers to shine out and produce world class games.

Vivek Sharma

Founder and CEO,Kingster636 Games

Vivek Sharma, the founder of Kingster636 Games, is a Unity expert and an AR/VR specialist and an International Speaker. Having worked with Microsoft HoloLens, Google Tango, ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia, Window Mixed Reality Devices etc., he has been a part of tons of apps created for multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Tizen, Universal Windows Platform, PlayStation, Xbox etc.

Aniruddha Hardikar
Director,Aphaat Entertainment

CG generalist, Illustrator and animator for 15 years. Game developer and Unity user for 4 years. Gamer for life.

Avinash Kumar
Director,Quicksand Design Studio

Avinash is a design strategist, researcher and artist, and one of the co-founders of Quicksand. With a natural inclination to build entrepreneurial projects in the arts and design, Avinash has been tinkering with design processes and collectives for over 15 years. He presently anchors Quicksand GamesLab, and is also the co-founder of acclaimed electronic arts collective BLOT!

Abhineet Krishna
Founder,Flying Ants Studios

Founder of indie game studio “Flying Ants Studios” , founded in 2016. The philosophy is to experiment with ideas & concepts and create games of different genres and that’s the primary reason i decided to go indie. Responsible for designing and coding of the games. The best is yet to come. 🙂

Shilp Gupta
Chief Technology Officer,Mech Mocha

Software Engineer with a variety of technical interests and insights. Always learning new programming tips and tricks. Enjoys competitive programming. Loves teaching. Experienced in architecture and design of server, client and mobile applications and games. Preaches functional programming, unit testing and extensive automation.